Skill Development Workshops for coaches and therapists has been developed by Stephen Hunter B. Sc.,Dip, MICF, MIACP from Enlightenment.

Workshops for Coaches and Therapists

We provide skills development workshops for coaches and therapist at all levels of experience. The intent of the workshops is to promote their development and growth. It provides them with an insight about how they approach their client’s issues. It also challenges their perspectives and interventions.

We Need To Be Exceptional.

As coaches and therapists, we need to continuously develop and grow, to ensure we can meet and exceed the needs of our clients. It also allows us to learn from our experiences and gives us the strength and skills to operate in a difficult, constantly changing world. Good enough is not enough anymore.

For example, here is an understanding of what we offer our clients in our coaching and psychotherapy sessions.

Workshop Testimonial

“Stephen’s approach set me at ease immediately. His positivity and the way he provided feedback enabled learning to take place. He took us to a deeper level of coaching, one that I look forward to practicing. I am delighted that Stephen is providing this scaffolding to new coaches and I aim to be back ”. Anne Mangan, M.Clin.Ed. Programme Director. Institute of Physical Therapy & Applied Science.

Skills workshops are open Coaches and Therapists at all experience levels.

The Coach & Therapist

Stephen Hunter delivering workshops for coaches and therapists.


Who coaches the Coaches and Therapists? Stephen Hunter BSc, Dip MICF MIACP is offering Triad Skills Development and Assessment Workshops to provide feedback, guidance, support, insights, knowledge, skills and abilities to coaches and therapists.
Stephen has been developing coaches skills since 2013. Working as a professional skills development coach for one of the largest coaching training organisations in Ireland.

In This Workshop

In this 3.5-hour workshop, we will explore your coaching and therapy techniques and skillsets.
Each workshop will facilitate 3 participants, where they will spend 45 minutes in each role as; a coach/therapist, a client and an observer.

In the workshop, you will:
• gain insights into your coaching/counselling style
• become aware of your blind spots
• explore your behavioural style when coaching and counselling
• be assessed through questioning and probing techniques
• receive personalized feedback and tips
• develop new approaches and techniques
• become motivated to practice coaching/counselling improvements

Workshop Testimonials

“ I attended a coaching skills workshop with Stephen and found it invaluable. Stephens knowledge, experience and insight enabled key leanings for me a coach. The workshop has enabled me to continue to move my skillset forward. It created massive awareness for me. I would recommend this workshop without hesitation to any coach looking to improve their skills. I certainly plan to go back to a future session”.Ted Walsh. Ted Walsh Coaching

“I attended Stephen’s Coaching Skills workshop in order to improve my Coaching skills. This workshop is innovative as Stephen provides ‘in the moment’ feedback during the coaching session resulting in insightful awareness. It creates a space for allowing the coaching technique to work its magic and shine a light on a previously unseen thought or belief resulting in change and movement. His encouragement and support provide empowerment and confidence, I highly recommend this workshop. ”.Catherine Griffin.

Workshop Logistics

Special Offer: Cost per Workshop – €80 per person on a first come first served basis: Payment is via credit card with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Sunday 18th Feb 18 Morning session: 09:15 – 12:45 – Booked out.

More dates to follow

Workshop Testimonial

“Stephen has helped me to develop and deepen my coaching skills massively. He has raised my level of awareness of my strong skills and the skills I must work on to have a bigger impact on my clients. Since Stephen started coaching me I feel much more confidence and present in front of my clients. Thank you so much! “. Emilio Navarro

We are based in Rathcoole Village, just to the right of the Rathcoole Inn and directly across from Bank of Ireland.
Our address is Suite 1, Library Square, Main Street, Rathcoole, Co Dublin.

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