Privacy Policy

The policy below outlines our commitment to protecting our website visitor’s privacy.

1. Cookies

We use cookies on this website.

1.a. What is a Cookie?
Cookies collect information, which is sent by our web server to your web browser. The cookie is stored on your browser. The information we gather is then sent back to our server each time your browser requests a page. This enables our web server to identify and track your web browser with our website.

1.b. Google Analytics
We also use Google Analytics to analyse how users interact with our website. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather data and information on visitor usage and behaviours, on our website. We us the data and information gathered, to continuously update our website, for a better visitor engagement and end user experience.
Google owns the Google Analytics Cookie and stores the information gathered also. To understand how Google uses the information, please see their privacy policy at: Google Privacy Policy

1.c. Removing Cookies
It is possible to block cookies on most major web browsers. Blocking cookies will reduce the usability of our website and decrease your end user experience.

To understand how to change or block cookie preference on major browsers, please see their recommendations below:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you are using a different browser, please perform a search engine query to understand how to block their cookies.

2. Personal Data

We may collect and store data of a personal nature

2.a. Visits to our website; pages viewed, sources of referral, location, IP address, browser, visit duration, etc.

2.b. Any information that you choose to provide, such as; name, email, telephone number, postal address, etc.

2.c. Any other information that you choose to send to us.

3. Using Personal Data

We may use your personal information to:

3.a. For administration purposes on the website

3.b. Improving the end user experience

3.c. Enabling services on our website

3.d. Send you information about other courses

3.e. Send you emails, which you have specifically requested

3.f. Answer queries, enquiries and complaints made by you