How to manage stress, abuse and trauma in our lives

How to manage stress and the more difficult human emotions in our lives has become a real challenge. This is because our world is changing at such a fast pace. Arguably, this can become more difficult if we are suffering from symptoms of trauma or abuse. For this reason, if we do not learn how to manage these stresses, we may become emotionally overwhelmed. As a result, this can sometimes leave us with a feeling of shame or guilt?
Some stress management requires either coaching or psychotherapy. More serious issues need psychotherapy. However, if stress is not managed, it may lead to addiction. Learning how to manage stress, makes for an easier life. Also, our relationships tend to flourish and grow.

About Stephen and Enlightenment

Stephen Hunter is the owner, founder, principal therapist and coach of Enlightenment (formerly Enlightenment Counselling services). Stephen has been providing coaching and psychotherapy services since 2010. Having spent the previous 20 years in the multinational world, Stephen now dedicates his time empowering people in their own lives. As a result, Stephen can show you how to manage stress. This is because he has been there himself. Also, he dedicates a lot of his time to continuous study in this area. Hence, he has great empathy and compassion with his clients. Above all, Stephen listens and understands. That is why he has been able to help so many people to manage their stress. Stephen is a keen follower of Dr. Gabor Maté, the renowned addiction expert.

Stephen’s Qualifications include:

  • B.Sc. in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Diploma in Business and Personal Development Coaching
  • Advanced Certificate in Relationship Coaching
  • Certificate in Parent Coaching

Some of Stephen’s other experiences include:

  • Over 6,500 hours one-to-one experience
  • UCD school of Psychology: Guest lecturer Masters in Disability and Rehab
  • Irish Life Coach Institute: Core tutor and professional skills assessor
  • MindAction Corporate Coaching & Training: Co Founder and trainer
  • Smarmore castle private clinic: Affiliated Psychotherapist
  • Certified in the use of Mindful based Practicing

Our Mission

Provide clients with an understanding of their behaviour; what they do and why they do it. Then give them the insights to allow them to have more control over their thought process. We offer our services through face-to-face consultations and online through Skype.

Our Purpose

Life is becoming more difficult. We may suffer from trauma, abuse, stress, self-limiting beliefs from our past. Or we may want to grow and develop to our full potential into the future. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools and the skills they need to be successful and fulfilled.

Meet Our Team

How to manage stress - Stephen Hunter will show you how

Stephen Hunter: Principal Therapist and Coach at

Showing you how to manage stress in your life.

Stephen Hunter is a fully accredited Psychotherapist and a Personal and Professional Development Coach. As a result, he brings great insights into the human mind and how we respond to issues. Also, he identifies issues that hold us back and how our past influences our present. In fact, he has worked with people at every level, from CEOs to individuals. Stephen excels in finding a path forward for his clients. This is the same approach for those requiring coaching or psychotherapy/counselling.

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