Enlightenment Training and Workshop Testimonials

“ This course was the most significant and impactful two days of my education since kindergarten. I strongly feel that the course should not be called ‘Addiction Coaching’ – it is so much more and it has forever changed my view of ‘addiction’ and ‘mental health’. Stephen’s approach to the many issues we face as human beings is not only evolved, enlightened and courageous but one of deep healing. The insights and techniques that he so skilfully shares will enhance any coaching practice. And from a personal perspective, I now feel more equipped than ever to make positive changes in my own life. I cannot recommend it highly enough – this course is magic!”.Sinéad Burke Lawyer, Lifecoach

“I have been a participant on many courses,gaining invaluable knowledge and experience on the way, however my most insightful has been my recent learning with Anxiety Master Class & Addiction Course trainer Stephen Hunter, of Enlightenment.ie.

He does what enlightment means, removes confusion, clears up and offers full comprehension on his significant insights and expertise; how to manage stress, abuse and trauma in our lives.

Because he has lived, learned and experienced what he teaches, it’s first hand and at times I wished it was over just so I could go out and practice what he taught.

This was proven when I coached my next client an 18year old with attitude, Stephens technique worked like it said on his tin, she left my session honestly, enlightened, breakthrough’s like these are the nuggets that distinguish Trainers and their content

His was most likely born communicating such is his natural ability to deliver with innate passion, experience and breath holding content, he did remind us to breath throughout, such is the nature of his courses”.Siobhan Mc Donald www.coachingiskey.com

“I would have paid twice the price for the Addiction Coaching Training!!! This was pure gold!!! I
have no words that could describe how pheromonally
powerful it was!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!! Everyone needs
to do this course!!Please make a Diploma!!!!!.”.Tara Rafter. The Navagation Coach

“Stephen’s course on addiction is so much more than just a course on how one can coach clients with addictions. It is a course that opens up the possibility of helping so many more clients, by offering a methodology that has relevance to a vast range of clients’ issues. Stephen draws upon more than a decade of helping clients that are suffering daily from the pain of avoidance and loss of self worth. He brings all of that experience and knowledge, insight and compassion, empathy and commitment to course.

To have access to all of this is a privilege that you cannot miss. Please do not hesitate in being a part of this”.Chris SF Budde-Petch www.presentlifcoach.com

“ As someone who has had a fair bit of exposure to addiction, I thought I had a good understanding of it. I have to say, I learned so much over the last 2 days I’ll be digesting it for a month!

With the invaluable insights and skills I’ve just learned, I feel more confident in my ability to help people on a deeper level. I couldn’t recommend Stephen and this certificate more. I will be doing any other certificates that Stephen creates.

Thank you Stephen, the world needs more of you”.Lisa Collins Life Coach

“ Stephen intense “working with Anxiety” masterclass has been a great addition to my coaching toolkit. It has allowed me to delve deeper into neuroscience aspects of coaching, to provide more powerful, positive and transformational changes for the client . The tools Stephen provides in the session allow the client to breakdown their issue themselves. Through this exercise, the client can visually see for themselves the source of their pain and together we can work to reverse the chemistry causing this pain.
Stephen’s experience and knowledge of this field makes the class very enjoyable and powerful. I would thoroughly recommend this advanced masterclass to anyone looking to take their coaching to the next level.
Annabelle Phelan, AP Coaching”.Annabelle Phealan AP Coaching

“ Wow, I spent 3 times the monies on a 6 weekend Personal Development course, yet found out more about myself in the first half day, still reeling after the content.

Hugely informative, self awareness, diagnosis, tools to assist in every areas of coaching, and while not a refresher course, it was this & more, delivered in Stephens eloquent manner, true to his nature and self.

Great learning mixture of audio, visual, triad & homework, slowing down of content delivery eg video preplay eanbled for me a deerper level of understanding & a new learning technique, to relisten, almost like I get the story but only by relistening do I get just the ‘it’ point of learning”.Siobhan Mc Donald https://coachingiskey.ie

“ This course was life changing!

My understanding of addiction has been greatly enhanced over the course of this powerful weekend experience.

Stephen is a natural leader and his skills in delivering this course were outstanding. He shared so much wisdom and so many insights and gave many examples of questions that would be useful for exploring the pain that a client may present with (or pushing on the pain) which is an area I wanted help with. Stephen’s delivery of the course was outstanding. He delivered the content in such a natural way and created a safe space for all of us who participated so that we felt comfortable sharing our own reflections and insights or asking questions which benefited the entire group.

I got ten times more than I expected that I would get from this course. I would 1000% recommend this course certificate course”.Aisling Daly thriveforlive

“Following Stephen’s Masterclass training, I now have the confidence to work with my clients on a much deeper level which is creating real change in their lives. I have practical tools to use that support my sessions and allows my clients to see what is happening in their world. Stephen’s gift is how he empowers coaches with his presence, down to earth approach, knowledge, expertise and encouragement to use our own natural skills when coaching. I’m so grateful to Stephen for teaching me how to powerfully work with my clients”.Michelle Foy Lifecoach

“ This was an incredible workshop! Stephen has developed an engaging and extremely valuable workshop. His practical and experiential approach left us all with many insights and much to think about, both personally and professionally. This workshop exceeded all my expectations and I highly recommend it”.Evelyn Kearns Lifecoach

“This is more than a certificate course. It is a thought provoking opportunity to gain a tool for life that offers a hopeful and positive fresh approach to healing the malaise and dis-ease within ourselves, and our society. Stephen weaves together his own expertise, talents and the experience of those within the room like a conductor creating a new piece of music that is unique to the group it comes from but will be a joy and benefit to them individually and to those they coach for a lifetime.”.Olivia Varley- Life Coach

“ Stephen’s approach set me at ease immediately. His positivity and the way he provided feedback enabled learning to take place. He took us to a deeper level of coaching, one that I look forward to practicing. I am delighted that Stephen is providing this scaffolding to new coaches and I aim to be back. I know that it will accelerate my learning”. Anne Mangan, M.Clin.Ed. Programme Director. Institute of Physical Therapy & Applied Science.

“I attended a coaching skills workshop with Stephen and found it invaluable. Stephens knowledge, experience and insight enabled key leanings for me a coach. The workshop has enabled me to continue to move my skillset forward. It created massive awareness for me. I would recommend this workshop without hesitation to any coach looking to improve their skills”. Ted Walsh. Ted Walsh Coaching

“Stephen has helped me to develop and deepen my coaching skills massively. He has raised my level of awareness of my strong skills and the skills I must work on to have a bigger impact on my clients. Since Stephen started supervising my coaching I feel much more confidence and present in front of my clients. Thank you so much Stephen! “. Emilio Navarro

“A powerful experience delivered by Stephen. Stephen brings not only his own particular, brand of humour but also a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he is only to happy to share. Thank you for an amazing opportunity one that I know has enriched my life already and will continue to do so”. Jen Burgess Lifecoach

Enlightenment Client Testimonials

“I worked with Stephen in an extremely stressful and demanding work place. Stephen’s training and expertise in the management of our more difficult-to-handle human emotions made him a regular stop for even the toughest staff members, It is Stephen’s unceasing commitment to care that has seen so many people right over the years”.Dr. Tom Bannon

“I have worked with Stephen as my coach for a number of years now. He has been and will continue to be the professional I turn to in a time of need. I can not say enough about Stephen’s coaching ability. At different stages in my life he has literally saved me, mostly from myself, but always been an amazing support and guide to get back on the right path. I highly recommend Stephen for anyone struggling with themselves or their journey. I actually have recommended him to many peers and the feedback is always the same, he is excellent at what he does. Stephen is intuitive, insightful, supportive and challenging in a very meaningful and important way. He has helped me through career challenges as well as more personal ones and going through big changes in life. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to meet Stephen and am so thankful for the work we’ve done together”. Sinéad Doherty Sr. Director Business Strategy and Architecture

“As a therapist and coach Stephen is professional, highly skilled and caring. I have found Stephen to be highly knowledgeable and possessing that somewhat indefinable and rare personality type that we know makes excellent therapists and Coach”.Ian Molloy - Clinical Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist

“ I feel so privileged to had the chance to work with Stephen Hunter. He is an unbelievable Psychotherapist and Life Coach. I have never realised I suffered from anxiety and through Stephen’s expertise and skills, this has been brought to my awareness. After 31 years of living with this, knowing what it is and being able to have control over it is amazing. I have been attending different counsellors for years but Stephen has brought my awareness to a whole different level. I couldn’t recommend him more and as these things are always nerve racking to begin with, it helps that Stephen is so warm and helps me be at ease”.Leah Goulding, Stylist and Life Coach

“As a client, I found the experience to be truly life changing. Stephen’s transparent care and his belief in me allowed me to trust him from the very start. He was clear and professional, but more importantly, warm, humorous and completely authentic. He had the gift of acting like a mirror for me, helping me to see my inner blocks clearly and working with great skill and understanding in helping me to find the tools to change behaviours that were holding me back.
I truly got to the heart of what was needed; clarity I had been unable to find on my own. I am grateful to Stephen for my new awareness and for my way forward and wish other clients the joy that comes with this feeling of freedom.”.Marye Meehan

“I learned exactly why my life as I had known it was not working the way I wanted it to be. Coaching made me for the first time really look at all aspects both personal and professional. I found Stephen to be understanding, caring and helpful”.Michelle C.

“Having observed people who have taken part in Addiction Coaching with Stephen, it has been very obvious that major change is occurring for them”.Rachel Cahill, Project leader, Croi Nua Cocaine Project

“As a person with an Acquired Brain Injury, I found it easy to open up to Stephen with my problems and frustrations. His calm and friendly manner made a huge difference”.John Meaney

“As a person with aquired brain injury I found Stephen very insightful in a very complex area .Stephen cuts through the problems associated with ABI in an honest emphatic and meaningful way. The enlightenment service Stephen provides will give people with ABI hope for the future”. Ignatius Gannon

“I found the service a tremendous boost to my life, I have gained so much insight to myself and have renewed focus on my life.I would encourage anyone to use this service, it is amazing what you learn about yourself. I looked forward to my session and could feel a significant improvement over the weeks, when my work together stopped I continued to to improve”. Seamus Mac Craith

“Working with Stephen allowed me to identify the issues that I had, in the past, covered up, and ignored. The result was not just emotional but physical, with a feeling of relief that I am now free of the millstone that I had allowed to hang around me”. Imelda Martin

“I had Coaching from Stephen, at a time when my life was spiraling out of control. He helped me see that I was not to blame for everything and mostly I was not responsible for fixing everything for everyone else.
Thank you so much Stephen. I hope this will encourage others to seek help from Stephen”. Lucy Lynam

“I met with Stephen for a session of EFT to help with a phobia. I had previously gone for hypnosis which did not work for me. Just one session of EFT made a huge difference”. Karen Dwyer

“Coaching sessions with Stephen were incredibly rewarding. I really felt like on each and every occasion when exiting that I had gained more awareness of what was going on in my life and was conscious of ways that I could overcome any obstacles. His coaching style was really excellent and I felt like it really suited just what I was looking for. Would I attend coaching with Stephen again? Absolutely! Definitely worth it. ”. Sarah Lennon

“‘I attended Stephen for some life coaching sessions. He goes with your flow and at your pace. He has empathy and intuition in abundance. If you really want to know your true self and to move forward then I can think of no-one better to accompany you on that journey”. Dominic Martin

“We have used Enlightenment’s Services with some of our clients… we can not emphasise the significant impact it has had on our members”. Brí, Independent brain injury support and advocacy

“I had coaching sessions with Stephen and found insights into myself that had remained off limits for many years! There was a huge sense of acceptance and a clearer view of the future. Stephen is a true professional and natural coach. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Stephen for his coaching skills and facilitation and navigation of you to become a more self-aware.”. Rosie Warren

“The lifecoaching sessions with Stephen that facilitated discoveries that I needed at a time. This allowed me to move forward. I found Stephen’s approach to be very professional. I felt safe and in very good hands. “. Joanna Dubiela

“I have known Stephen for the past 7 years as a coaching colleague. His level of professionalism, expertise and care is second to none and is evident both in his one to one work, group work and by his excellent skills assessment for the students on the course. He has been a professional and personal support on many occasions and I could not recommend him highly enough. “. Marian Byrne

“Thanks a mill Stephen. I got heaps from our sessions. You are an amazingly skilled and intuitive practitioner”. Michelle Wilde

“I met Stephen when I was training with the I.L.I. I found him easy to trust, insightful and well grounded with a professional and focused manner. I have no hesitation in referring people to him as I know Stephen to be a very competent and ethical person, who possesses a deep warmth and ability to connect with people”. Stephanie Hanley-Baird (Life Skills Coach & Group Facilitator)