Coaching for success, or change, will allow you to achieve your goals. Hence why some people struggle to move forward and grow. Because they have not identified their goals or desired outcome. As a result we can become frustrated. Lifestyle, family and emotional wellbeing Coaching identifies your goals and then helps you to achieve them. For example, you may have been unsuccessful in a particular area. At this point, you may feel like giving up. Rather than give up, you could decide to take action. As a result of taking action, something happens. In other words, isn’t this the first step? In fact, Confucius said “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Coaching for Success

Coaching for success will provide you with the insights and skills to be successful. In some cases, we create roadblocks for ourselves. Other times we engage in self sabotage. This is often because we lack belief in ourselves. In fact, we all see the world from a different perspective.
As a result, each person has different goals and desires. Also, their level of motivation differs from one another.
This section deals with coaching for success. For issues associated with trauma, abuse or similar, see our psychotherapy for trauma page.

As a result of the above, we work with you, at your pace and level. Our goal is to get you from being stuck to achieving your desired outcome. In fact, this is what coaching for success is about. At this point, we can help you to identify your desired outcome. Now we can help you to create goals to reach your desired outcome. Furthermore, we need to identify what is holding you back. Then we can work with you, to help you remove the obstacles. For example, how can you change, what you don’t know?

Above all, our team are qualified to deal with individuals, executives and organisations. Our coaching for success covers all aspects of coaching:

  • Life Coaching

  • Addiction Coaching

  • Weight Loss

  • Stress Management

  • Personal Development

  • Professional Development

  • Online Coaching

  • Chronic Pain

  • Executive Coaching

  • Business Coaching

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Acquired Brain Injury

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Coaching for success with Stephen Hunter - Enlightenment

STEPHEN HUNTER – Founder & Principal Coach

For these reasons, whatever you want to achieve, let Stephen guide you there. Even when some clients arrive with no ideas, he can provide motivation and direction. Also, Stephen has had great success coaching individuals, business executives and organisations. Furthermore, his ability to listen, understand and guide is exceptional. As a result, he helps others to understand their self-limiting beliefs. This in turn, assists his clients to achieve their full potential. Naturally, Stephen uses different techniques to get the best from his clients. Let Stephen help you to achieve your goals. Request an appointment with Stephen today.
Stephen is one of the few coaches in Europe with over 5,000 hours coaching experience.

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