Coaching and Psychotherapy Services

Coaching and Psychotherapy Services from Enlightenment, with Stephen Hunter and his team. To find out more on how we can help, see our testimonials page!


Coaching and psychotherapy services by Enlightenment, providing you with key insights

Coaching will provide you with the insights and skills to be successful. Each person has different goals and desires. Their level of motivation differs also. In our coaching and psychotherapy services, we work with you, at your pace and level. We help you to understand your thought process and behaviours. We also help you to remove self-limiting beliefs. We help you to identify your goals to reach your full potential in life.
Everybody is different and so too are their needs. If you are struggling to identify your goals, we can help. Often the hardest part is the first step.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Coaching and psychotherapy services by Enlightenment, helping you to heal from trauma

Our therapy sessions help to deal with all forms of trauma from our past. The therapy sessions differ from coaching. Therapy help us to identify how our past can negatively influence our present. In our coaching and psychotherapy services, we use the therapy sessions to help you to heal. We help you to understand where the negative feelings come from. We develop more helpful ways managing them. When we understand, we can change the way we look at situations. Life can be challenging sometimes. However, it does not have to be difficult all of the time. If you are suffering from a past trauma, get in touch.

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Coaching and psychotherapy services by Enlightenment, providing training to coaches and therapists

We provide training workshops for coaches and therapists. The intent of the workshops is to promote their development and growth. It provides them with an insight about how they approach their client’s issues. It also challenges their perspectives and interventions.
So, who coaches the coaches and the therapists? Stephen Hunter has the skills and the insights to provide you with a unique perspective. Through the workshops, you will receive feedback on your coaching or counselling skills. If you want to develop yourself further, take the necessary steps today.
Stephen is a Tutor, professional skills assessor and course developer with the Irish Lifecoach Institute . Workshops and accredited training is only available to qualified coaches and Therapist who have completed recognized training.

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